Get Loose

Originally founded as U-Man Film Services, we underwent an epic rebrand in early 2023 and now call ourselves Loose Unit.  That’s Loose as in fun, but we are still a tight Unit.  We pride ourselves on providing the best on-site unit services to the film and television industry with great coffee, attitudes of damned sunshine and a clean, safe work environment.

Our goal is to make sure every crew, no matter its size, has the best facilities available.The Loose Unit team thrives on keeping your crew happy and motivated by providing them with the hands-on support needed to ensure a seamless and efficient production. Loose Unit is stoked to offer packages with a basic kit, coffee and a premium Unit / Runner to provide support to even the smallest of productions.  We can’t wait to be the jam to your doughnut. The yin to your yang.  The spaghetti to your meatballs.

Get Loose, people.

How Loose?

Loose Unit Maxi

from $600/day

Loose Unit Mini

from $500/day

More info.. coming soon!

Getting Loose

Wanna get Loose?  You can book us in the following ways – 

1. Online with a few clicks

2. Give us a shout on the blower

+61 (0) 439 632 811

Please contact Freelancers Promotions
+613 9682 2722

3. Send a carrier pigeon (with the pigeon’s consent)

[email protected]
[email protected]